Happy New Year! Porn, Costume & House-hunting adventures

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I spent my NYE watching Battlestar Galactica in a hot tub eating fish and chips. Best night ever if I wasn’t alone. Oh well, next year I’ll have to throw a party or something I think!

First NaughtyNerdy update of the new year: Blowjob in the bush photos!

I thought the new year was the perfect time for my latest hardcore set. Next week up is the video which I adore, because I can remember the look on his face while I sucked his cock. Pleased with myself 😉

Well, I still …

Office Deco Brainstorm

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I’m bummed I haven’t got a house yet,  so I’m putting on my day dream hat to inspire me to keep looking.

In Australia you as a pretty strict rule can’t modify rental houses. You can’t paint them or anything. So chances are any place I rent will be plain carpet or wood floors with white walls. I want to keep my office pretty simple, so that works for me. I’m going with black, white and chrome.

I need enough space to store a shit-ton of books (I can’t help it, I love my tiny fantasy …