anon reply re rape/suicide (tw)

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TW: Rape, abuse, sexual violence, suicide.

If my comparison hurts you as a victim, I’m sorry. I never claimed to speak for every victim or any victims but myself. I specifically stated that it was in some cases (any therefor only applied to certain people and their experiences.) I said quite specifically ‘in some situations’; situations deemed so by survivors themselves.

As a victim I have the right to speak out and state exactly how bad I think what happened was without sugar coating. I am entitled to my feelings and  …

Whats the difference between objectification and attraction?

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Objectification is focusing on a person’s usefulness to you with total disregard for their desires. In the context of compliments, it’s not saying “You turn me on.” It’s saying “You turn me on, and whether you want to turn me on is utterly irrelevant.”

Saying “nice ass” to a person who’s deliberately wiggling their ass at you is a compliment; saying “nice ass” to a person who’s just walking by is objectification. “I want to sleep with her” is expressing desire; “I’d hit it” is objectification. “You’re sexy” is nice to say on a date because it’s …

Are you an Eva fan?

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I remember you once did a mari makinami illustrious cosplay so I was wondering, are you were a fan of Evangelion?

I sure did 🙂 I’m a fan of the reboot more than the original.  I feel like none of the characters where relatable in the original… Shinji just annoyed the shit out of me and I feel like it made all the female characters look like pshycos or sluts. That and I only had a version with the worst English dub ever. Shinjis voice actor sounded irritating and whiny …

Whats your favorite book series?

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I saw an anonymous ask you a ? About dune. Do you have a favorite character or book?

Fav books: EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the Deverry Cycle Series by Katherine Kerr. Every. Single. Book. I did like Dawnspell, Days of Blood and Fire (A time of War) and Days of Air and Darkness (A Time of Justice) particularly, and am very fond of The Deverry & Westlands Sagas the most.[[MORE]]

I really enjoy the way the reincarnation, fate and Dweomer work.

As for fav …

TW: Rape. To the anon in my askbox: Rape jokes are not funny & are dangerous

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To the anon commenter who left a shit ton of comments in my inbox: If you don’t understand why rape jokes are unacceptable, and if you can’t research something that basic- we have nothing to talk about. This is now my go-to post for anyone who asks about this stuff.

Rape is a singular, real and common type of malicious torture which has no purpose than to destroy, degrade and cause harm to a person and to deny them personal agency.

In some cases I consider it a worse crime …