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Got a question for Aussie porn performer & director, sex worker, geek, gamer, nerd & kink cutie Aeryn Walker? Perhaps you are interested in the lives & loves of sex workers. Maybe you have questions about Aeryn herself. Her likes, loves, favorite games, foods, sex positions or other fun personal things. Ask Aeryn! Need some advice about dating, sex or sexuality & expression when it comes to nerd life, sex work, porn & the personal? Let me help you out!
While I’m not a doctor, lawyer or therapist (though I may roleplay them in porn), I’m an open, honest person with lots of experience with sex, dating, nerdity, sexism, sex work, porn & more. Read my answers below, or Send in your questions & I’ll do my best to give you the information & advice!
All questions submitted here will be considered for publication in Ask Aeryn on NaughtyNerdy. Have a more general question, query on concern? Contact me here.
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