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Pornographic media should not be judged on the basis of truncated, decontextualised, pirated versions; and content creators should not bear the burden of repressive regulation if their work is misappropriated in this way. –Pandora Blake

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My body, my porn, my choice

No one has the right to dictate my sex life & that doesn’t change because a camera is involved, or because the people consensually making sexual requests and queries of me aren’t in a hetero-normative, monogamous relationship with me.

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Australian Medical Guideline acknowledges doctors vagina prejudice leading to plastic surgery

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has introduced world-first guidelines to respond to the increasing number of women visiting GPs to ask about female genital cosmetic surgery. The guidelines are designed to help doctors navigate women’s concerns about their genital appearance and understand the underlying reasons why they may believe they …

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