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Sex Work in Pop Culture TV – Vixen Hour Podcast

On this episode of The Vixen Hour radio, Christian Vega & I discuss the portrayal of sex work in science fiction and fantasy.  The focus on the TV shows Firefly, Deadwood and Game of Thrones.

As a lover of television series and fantasy, enjoying shows which represent sex …

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Can porn be feminist if based off male desires?

It’s no secret that I film porn. Nor that I take requests for custom smutty photos and videos. Apparently because of the later fact my pornography isn’t feminist. How could my pornography be feminist, take women into consideration, and be about female pleasure if I’m not actively fulfilling my own personal sexual desires, and instead …

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I’m not your Pro-Anna Inspiration

EDIT: Please don’t post me on pro-anna or ‘thinspo’ blogs. This is HUGELY concerning for me. I am NOT a skinny girl. I am NOT pro anna. I am NOT a fan of thin-is-in and I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT BEING ANY SORT OF THINSPIRATION.

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