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Flashback Friday: Corset selfie

Cold Sunday- A Self Portrait. I took this picture in my living room, sitting on the windowsill. I was all dressed up to go out dancing for the night but weather got in the way of the open air event and it got cancelled. C’est la vie! Time well spent, as I ended up with …

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Female Dominance, Bondage & Suspension With Satomi & Ambrosia Noir

Last week was incredibly busy! 2 workshops with the renowned Satomi Zpira, who specializes in rope bdsm and femdom, and I got to help out during Mistress Ambrosia Noir’s private suspension bondage lesson! I also had some shoots, pc problems and a few funny wardrobe malfunctions, but those things I’ll talk about another time. I …

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I’m not your Pro-Anna Inspiration

EDIT: Please don’t post me on pro-anna or ‘thinspo’ blogs. This is HUGELY concerning for me. I am NOT a skinny girl. I am NOT pro anna. I am NOT a fan of thin-is-in and I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT BEING ANY SORT OF THINSPIRATION.

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