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My year away from porn & sex work: A summary

Where did Aeryn go? Back from my Sex Work & Porn Hiatus.


I’m back. Hello! I won’t be filming full time but I will start updating the site more again. I have 3+ years worth of unedited footage that I was too mentally unwell to be able to edit and enjoy, but …

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Sex & Self Discovery Struggles

I attended my first ever play party. Sex, nudity, kink, and all the things you’d expect from a sexual play event that someone like me would attend. Except that it wasn’t what I expected, at all. It wasn’t what I was prepared for. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I freaked out, let …

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Too many bags of dicks: Moving House as a Porn star

Moving house always sucks; but when you are a self employed sex worker, porn star, cam girl or dominatrix moving & packing can get extra messy! I have too many sex toys, shoes, costumes, bondage items & camera gear; let alone my geeky hoarding problem collection.

Storing, sorting, privacy & safety.

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