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I am perverse and proud. This site is for adults only (18+).

I’m the webmistress at Naughty Nerdy: Aeryn Walker. I’m your friendly Aussie ethical slut, escort, feminist pornographer & geek. I’ve been working locally and internationally online making & talking about porn & sex for over 10 years. It started out as a pervy erotic hobby, modeling for others until I decided to start filming myself and my adventures. This site is my space to talk about sex, porn & geekdom, and to create & enjoy it publicly.

Find out more about Aeryn Walker, Aeryn’s Escorting, sex work information, education & resources, read Aeryn’s blog, watch Aeryn’s hardcore, queer, kinky porn. Or you can just scroll below or browse ya pervy heart out.

Aeryn Walker’s Porn

Aeryn Walker has been filming porn for over a decade. She has featured on many indie & Australian porn sites including Abby Winters, GodsGirls, Aussie Ass, Aussie Fellatio Queens, Girls Out West, KimCums.com, ATK Hairy and more. You can see Aeryn Walker’s full porn filmography here, which includes links and previews of all her porn scenes accessible online.

Aeryn also produces and performs in her own exclusive content, webcam shows, slutty selfies and more on her adult friendly social media account at AVN. She mostly shoots trade with other independent producers and models, and places a strong emphasis on feminist ethics, real displays of sexuality and diversity, and consensual queer kink / BDSM.

Aeryn Walker: Media, Panels, & The Public

Meet Aeryn Walker in person or recruit her for your project. (Do it, I want to be part of your project!)

Aeryn is available for all sorts of media engagements. From writing articles and giving interviews about alternative indie porn, the Australian porn industry, feminism, sex work, & ethics to geekery & more. Aeryn is available for interviews, radio appearances, educational sessions, voice acting, talking on panels… you name it!

If you’d like to have an engaged & enthusiastic geek, feminist, porn & sex work activist who walks the walk as well as talks, send me an email. I’d love to talk to you about your project, radio show, panel appearance, art project or hang out.

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