Aeryn Walker

About Aeryn Walker

I am perverse and proud. Your friendly Aussie ethical slut, escort, feminist pornographer & dork. For the last few years I’ve been working in the adult industry, both locally in Australia and around the net. I’m a sex-positive feminist.   I place my highest values on consent, empathy & intimacy. I embrace the philosophy that all bodies & people are beautiful, and that sex, intimacy, compassion & fun aren’t sins to be ashamed of. Sexuality, exploration & connection should be celebrated. Physically I’m all natural, and was blessed with an abundance of curves and smiles. I believe in body positivity, and in shunning the damaging societal views and pigeonholing of peoples bodies & sexuality. When it comes to bodies, beauty & sex there is no such thing as ‘normal’.

NameAeryn Walker
Alias(es)NaughtyNerdy, Ren (AbbyWinters), Tanjo (feck), Azure (GodsGirls)
GenderCIS Female. She / Her
Birth27 September 1988
Sexual OrientationBi Sexual / Pansexual / Kink Flexible
AstrologyLibra sun, Taurus moon, Pisces rising
FavoritesBlack coffee, Vampire: the masquerade, scotch whisky, black velvet, magenta, gemstones, electro play, canes, cookie dough, dogs with eyebrows, telly series (too many to list honestly).

Aeryn’s Pornography & Smut

I strive to make actualy fun porn that challenges the boundaries of the conventional. My erotic films, clips and photos are as varied as the audience they are made for. I love all things kinky, queer, and controversial, and want everyone regardless of gender (or anything else for that matter) to be able to enjoy the erotic. I love that people can and share my experiences with me knowing that my porn is created ethically, equally & with personality.

My company and productions are all female owned, run & produced- by me! Often I’m behind & in-front of the camera (thank you remote controls), although I do often collaborate with like minded feminists, kinksters, & erotic creatives.

Aeryn Walker: Personally

I love science fiction and fantasy genres in literature, movies, television, graphic novels, games and role playing. I grew up in Australia as your average teenage goth nerd chick, and I fell in love with White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting. I adore the re imagined series of Battlestar Galactica, and enjoy similarly engaging, morally complex narratives. I am passionate about my work, my hobbies, friends, family, and community. More vocally I am passionate about politics, and that alongside my work is what I’m most known for.


I’m Actually Quite Shy. I don’t much like talk about myself. Though often in the spotlight because of my work, art, & opinions, I am “surprisingly” a private person. Being an introvert is generally at odds with my work & hobbies both. I choose substance and passion over marketing, and keep to myself as much as one can in an age where digital promotion and socialization are essential for business survival, defense of rights and person-hood / autonomy. Sex work, erotica, pornography, and truly anything relating to sex, pleasure & labor aren’t things that are respected. Like me, those who engage in what I do are to various degrees marginalized, stigmatized, and often criminalized. I believe in rights & respect for all people, and will defend those rights as loudly and proudly as I can, while balancing my personal safety, health & sanity. A big part of that is stepping outside my introverted comfort zone and opening my self up to the world, so people can see sex workers and adult industry people are just like anyone else.

Aeryn In Daily Life

Most of my days are spent at home sipping coffee while planning new projects & adventures. I rarely go outside, and I am rarely social aside from work. I do however revel the opportunity to spend time with my close friends.  My favorite ways to spend time are sitting down for drinks over a boardgame, or attending a convention incognito, snuggling, watching series, and enjoying a well cooked meal with good company. (I find eating a wonderfully pleasurable sensation I don’t care it’s taboo and unfashionable to say so!)

Aeryn’s Sex Work, Kink & BDSM

I have been working as a sex worker & escort since approximately 2008. Starting out performing in peepshows & clubs, I am now privileged to be working for myself on my own terms as an escort & companion. I enjoy intellectual debates and like minds who prefer laughs, and the realities of sex over pomp, pretentiousness and faux pleasure porno culture.

I’m very lucky to have so many wonderfully kinky friends & acquaintances who’ve helped me take my first steps from curiosity and personal quirk into kink, learning the basics of femdom, bondage & various fetish play in the professional spere. You can read more about my journey, and progress into bdsm life personally and professionally here: ‘From Porn-Sweetheart to Sweet Sadist: My journey into BDSM

I offer a real experience for growth, play & comfort, in all my services vanilla or kink. Less oil change, more light hearted fuck buddy love of a friend.

I’m not a passive sexpot. I’m a roleplayer, sex lover & kinkster at heart. If you’d like to find out more about my escorting, services & kinks; you can read more here: Aeryn Walker, Busty Australian Escort.

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