I saw an anonymous ask you a ? About dune. Do you have a favorite character or book?

Fav books: EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the Deverry Cycle Series by Katherine Kerr. Every. Single. Book. I did like Dawnspell, Days of Blood and Fire (A time of War) and Days of Air and Darkness (A Time of Justice) particularly, and am very fond of The Deverry & Westlands Sagas the most.[[MORE]]

I really enjoy the way the reincarnation, fate and Dweomer work.

As for fav characters it’s hard to say because I have so many! In this series though I love Jillian and ALL her incarnations (Brangwen, Lyssa, Gweniver, Branoic, Morwen, Branna), Cullyn of Cerremor,. Alastyr & Sarcyn were good vilians. 

I haven’t seen dune in yeeeeeeeeeears and I’ve never read it. Will have to watch again tonight.