Hello…. I would like to ask you question 33. Thanks. MrPinkEyesAW

33. One interesting story about absolutely anything;

Once I decided to go to a high school that wasn’t mine- just because.
I saw a friend from primary school walking to catch the train. Last minute, we decided it would be fun for me to play hooky from school and instead go to their private school. Someone lent me a uniform when I got their and all the classmates thought it was hilarious. None of the teachers even noticed me, except one lady who was really cluey. I think she was a sewing teacher, but I don’t remember exactly. I did all the classes with them, ate lunch, went to the religious shindig assembly, lol XD It was really fun, and we almost got busted. Funny because I ended up actually going to that school 2 years later, and that one bad teacher remembered me. All the kids remembered me too and even though I hung out with the geeks I got treated like the bad-ass rule breaker (lol) that I was. Good times XD