What are your spiritual beliefs?

I am an atheist and it’s important to me. I can not date, or generally be friends with people who follow a religion which is oppressive, discriminatory, a scam or is illogical- which is unfortunately every religion I’ve encountered. Even ones with ‘good intentions’ still promote generally split of love and good tales but also SEVERE racism / sexism / classism / ableism / homophobia, and often not only condone but encourages things like slavery, rape, torture, murder and hatred against minorities such as all women, PoC, homosexuals, people with disabilities and the poor.
I believe that all people deserve to be happy, healthy, educated, enlightened, and live in a positive, accepting, and truly-educated community. (Hating minorities because of illogical things including outdated and hateful doctrines, or misinformation is NOT education)

I believe all people should be free from slavery in all it’s forms (including sex slavery, forced and arranged marriages (where the person is taught from birth its the best thing to do so they don’t think otherwise and aren’t educated at other possibilities) and domestic slavery, financial slavery etc)

I believe all people should be free to love and be loved in any manner as long as it is safe, sane and consensual and both persons consenting are sound of mind and are of mental and physical maturity to as to be sure they are both physically, emotionally and educationally equip to deal with their choices.

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