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Ask Aeryn, blog

Aeryn’s Roleplaying Characters, Adventures & GMing

Hey Aeryn; I thought I would post a role playing question over a more sexual one. I came across you and Theo’s videos about a year ago and I couldn’t even begin to describe my joy upon hearing you were both interested in playing role playing games. I was wondering if you and Theo have a favorite character from a game you have played that you feel embodies your personality and what kind of adventures they have been on. Me and my friends are heavily into role playing except instead of Pathfinder or D@D we mostly play a D-100 game called Unknown Armies. Also have you ever tried your hand at being the Game Master?  I’d absolutely love hearing back from you.
yours truly,
A Fan


Theo and I haven’t been dating (or friends) for many years now. On that note, I can answer questions on my behalf but not his.

I’ve talked a bit about the Favorite roleplaying character I’ve played: Aeryn Walker’s favorite rpg character.
Vivian Collins wasn’t a lot like me, but if the thing in oWoD were real and my paranoia got out of check she sure could be!

My roleplaying tastes are very similar to my tastes in other games, films, series & books.  My biggest RP fandom is without a doubt old World of Darkness. I especially like Vampire: The Masquerade. I started playing a V:tM New Orleans by Nights MUD around the time I started high school. I used to play as often as possible and would often cut class to play it, or when people weren’t online I’d play Neverwinter Nights. That MUD is how I met my oldest online friend who I went to visit across the world in Sweden.

I tend to play characters that aren’t like me at all. I tend to fill be comic-relief or whatever the party needs in or out of game, which is very like me, but the character qualities themselves aren’t often like me. I haven’t really played in any games which are deep and meaningful in any real way, or representative of me. I just sort of fit in with other groups and do what they are doing. I like bolstering the play styles of others. I am the eternal bard! Some characters I’ve played that I’ve really enjoyed though:

  • My first serious RP character was a lot like me at the time. She was a total teen angst self insert (we’ve all been there!).  oWoD ghoul wandering New Orleans, causing trouble. Lots of generic V:tm politics stuff, getting wrapped up in other clans and doing ghoul stuff. It wasn’t overly in depth, as it was a childhood introduction to oWoD and supernatural / gothic horror.
  • I also played a beautiful super doofus whose name I forget that is basically modern day Cronk from Disney’s The Emperors New Groove. It was in a friends self tweaked version of Mutants & Masterminds. We where all super villains either recruited or forced to work for a big evil org, but beautiful Cronk didn’t realize he was a villain. He was just trying to help. Long season revelation that he was a villain. Total sweetheart, very comedic.
  • In a similar game I made a character whose power was to turn into a penguin. Great and terrible for heists. The game was very nonsense based (think Exalted level silly – if you can describe it, it’s possible.). The game fell through pretty fast because of conflicting work schedules though which was a bummer.

Currently I’m having a lot of fun in Shadowrun playing a neckbeard MRA dudebro who is racist, sexist and a terrible human being. It’s set near Thailand in wartime, and we do low level street gang sort of stuff in the cities, ruins & jungle. On our last mission I got rock salt shotgunned, & then tequila’d to the face after trying to pick up a sexy orc military commander in a private militia bar while on recon. My character has no social skills and the Uncouth flaw, which makes it really hard to do anything social that doesn’t get us all into horrible trouble. I spend my first XP getting a single social stat so I can roll a single dice to not insult or hit on everyone, ever. He has a chaos magician, with a prejudice flaw against Wiccans. Unfortunately, his Wiccan ex girlfriend who dumped him and is much,much too good for him is the only reliable reagent vendor in the entire city of Roanapour. He’s pretty paranoid that her coven is out to get him, maligning local spirits against him and watching him closely. Getting pretty good at covering my spirit plane tracks, and tracks in general while burninating things with my fire spirit friends. While the character is a horrible person, they are exceptionally comedic. The players in this game have to deal with dudebros and terrible people often IRL and it takes a heavy toll on us all. The way I play the character is soaked in sarcasm, and he’s entirely built as a parody for myself and others to regen IRL sanity through parody. Not like me at all (in fact, nearly the complete opposite), but I love playing him and the adventures we go on.

While I’ve never played Unknown Armies, I love the idea of madness meters from the small amount I’ve read. I’ve always been a big fan of similar sanity mechanics. I really like gothic and occult horror, though most people don’t consider anything that isn’t bad plot jump scares, or gore like the Saw flick franchise to be horror. I don’t like gore or scary type horror!  I’ll take Laundry Files, Poe-esque, Lovecraftian horror any day. I used to love Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem as a kid (still do).

I’ve never run a game before, but I’d consider it. I’d probably only want to run either something light and fluffy like a Buffy-verse or Supernatural game. Both would make for excellent table side puns and references. Otherwise, something really offbeat like Geist or the like. Something exceptionally dark, gritty and deep. Think Battlestar Galactica Reimagined, Black Mirror, Orphan Black, Changeling, etc. I worry that anything I might run would get super nonsense, or me calculating rolls etc would take too long and ruin it for everyone as I’m bad at math. I don’t really understand people who play Roleplaying games and then spend 90% of every session effectively wargaming. Just play a wargame already! I like roleplaying, adventuring and having fun making plans. I’d also be pretty interested in running a game of The Laundry Files, but I don’t know enough about the mechanics etc yet to run it effectively. Flavor I’ve got but rules take time to soak up.

Thanks for writing in, I hope that answers your question. 🙂 If you have any more questions feel free to email them in, or leave a comment below. I love chatting games & supernatural / gothic horror. It’s my jam.

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