TW: Rape, abuse, sexual violence, suicide.

If my comparison hurts you as a victim, I’m sorry. I never claimed to speak for every victim or any victims but myself. I specifically stated that it was in some cases (any therefor only applied to certain people and their experiences.) I said quite specifically ‘in some situations’; situations deemed so by survivors themselves.

As a victim I have the right to speak out and state exactly how bad I think what happened was without sugar coating. I am entitled to my feelings and beliefs about my own damned experiences  No one has the right to tell me what scale my abuse fits onto or into, or tell what comparisons I can or can’t make about it. What happened to me was worse than death, and unlike death it happened over and over again, and might well happen in the future. It is an endless, vicious cycle that only now after almost 20 years I’m starting to break free of.

Sometimes things are worse than death to some people, and in this situation, to me this is. If it’s not to you, well then good for you. I’m glad for you. However, I won’t pretend for a second it is or was anything different for me.