Some questions from formspring that I’ve decided to answer:

What would it take to convince you to shag me wearing the 70s wig? Or possibly teach future girlfriend to look as good in said wig?
The 70s porn star wig? I may be working escorting very soon so chances are a few hundred dollars. :p

When you say escorting, you will be having sex for money then?
If thats what a client requires. (Which it isn’t always. I’ve worked escorting before and the majority of my clients preferred to wine/dine and go to places like the theater. They like someone fun to have intelligent conversation with)

So what can a Client…not ask you to do at any price?
A client can’t ask for anything illegal and if they do I will leave which is standard procedure. Apart from that they can politely ask what they wish however I am not obliged to comply.

Do you have a menu of what is and is not available?
I do not, as these things vary from client to client and from day to day.

I know you have stated before that you enjoy going unshaven and do not enjoy giving oral sex…also rough/rape play would be strictly forbidden…would those not be mentioned beforehand..or are they now negotiable?
My being shaven [down there] will never be negotiable, although I’m happy to trim and keep the bikini area clean (which I do any how). Oral is also something I’m happy with however I will not do any rough oral, deep throating or gagging as those are not enjoyable activities for me. Rough play would only be tolerated to a level which would need to be discussed beforehand. Due to the nature of the work I wouldn’t feel safe fulfilling those scenarios.