I had a great birthday, and spent it at home in the quiet, before going out for a big steak dinner, a few drinks, and coming home to watch kung-fu panda. Such a silly and cute film! 🙂 I’ve been hiding out in my house the last few days, as I’ve gotten my first ever tattoo and I’m a bit embarrassed to be seen with it while it’s healing. I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I spend painstaking hours drawing on my eyebrows. Shading them and drawing in tiny little hairs to make them look realistic. After too many years of wasting my time on that noise I decided to get them tattooed on. It sounds weird but it looks really good. Who doesn’t like having eyebrows!? XD Right now though while they heal, it looks like I’ve got 2 dark huge catepillars hanging out on my face. So yeah… staying inside for a while!

It appears I’ve missed tickets to PAXAUS as well, which is a bummer. Didn’t have the funds for tix while they where up, plus I get the keys to my new apartment on the first day it’s being held. Moving house is much less fun, but having a much nicer apartment should be aces!

I’ve been working on the dev site a lot lately, and planing who I’ll be shooting next, what I want to film and stuff. Been getting some good feedback that folks want to see more fetish clips and are bored with more ‘regular porn’, but I still like filming fucking so I will keep doing that XD Speaking of which, I have some clips that need editing for me to enter them into the Cinekink festival, of which entries close in 2 days. I left it a bit late! XD

Thank you for your birthday wishes and emails