Domina Parties Melbourne Launch


After much anticipation, Domina Parties Australia has finally launched in Melbourne! We had a FULL HOUSE and sold out of tickets! OBEY – Domina’s Choice was the perfect theme to kick off BDSM party Melbourne style. No preconceived notions and a chance for each of the Domina’s to get serviced and introduced to the excited submissives and slaves.

I wasn’t sure who Mistress Penelope and her new 2IC Mistress Lillith would pick for opening the opening party. Two of my favorite local humans joined the mix! Mistress Ether reminders me of a Leather Barbie and I’m so glad she and Miss Andrie joined the Melbourne Domina Parties team. Such wonderful Alpha Queen energy!

The Dominas: Domina Parties Melbourne – OBEY & BOUND September 2019

As a switch bitch, I was very in my element assisting the wonderful Dominas, directing the new service submissive, and causing some squirms and smiles in the lucky slaves raving the wet and windy weather to join us.

Mistress Penelope Dreadful was running the party and graciously allowed me to join in alongside my helping as a treat for my upcoming birthday. I got to line up some lucky bottoms for some hanky panky and spanky fun. I’d been wanting to test out some of the fun new toys the Mistresses Lillith and Penelope had purchased at Fetish Expo to see what make the best smacks, swishes, and squeals. Lots of moaning with a liberal application of my new cane than planned make me remember why I love kinky spaces much. It’s so nice to watch timid submissives open up and start to embrace their desires as we all play together.

I got to take some pictures of the Dominas before and after the parties as well! If I get permission from them I might post some here.

Domina Parties Melbourne will be running regularly and the next events for the rest of 2019 and into 2020 will be announced very shortly. Tickets sold out as numbers are strictly limited so check out the Domina Parties Australia website and sign up for the Domina Parties mailing list to make sure you don’t wait till last minute, forget or miss out.

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