So, I celebrated Halloween late, as most responsibly employed folks in AU do, cause we can’t all take time off willy nilly to party. Well, not yet anyway (I’m working on it!). Last night I went to a party, and I’ve got another one with Samm Rosee that doubles as a house warming next weekend. Last night, I was  bit bored, I didn’t really know many people at the party as it was lots of old friends of friends who’d been overseas catching up. I mainly stood in the kitchen eating tiny pumpkin pies and drinking punch that I thought was non-alchoholic but wasn’t. That led to me being pretty epicly drunk after only being t the party for around an hour, and then I forgot to take any photos until I got home. I did get these ones with my webcam though! Naughty and delicious punch, don’t you know I want to look my best for photos? Sheesh :p

It’s a shame I didn’t get any pictures with my wand, I looked really evil the whole night with dark makeup and my hood on, glad I lined it in black. Now to work out what to wear to Samm’s party… probably something short 😉