Yesterday I got my official acceptance / offer letter for uni 2014. I was pretty sure as  someone who left school early, who didn’t have an ATAR (exam score, I’m a mature aged student), or any traceable employment history (outside the sex industry which obviously I can’t list), that I had absolutely no chance of getting in. Shows what personal references and heart felt application letters can do! I’m glad I was honest about having a shitty past, that I called the uni to arrange personal meetings with the staff to ask questions and that I kept in email contact with the head of the course.

It’s not just any uni or any course either. My first preference at a fantastic university. For a new course, that’s been in high demand. I DID IT!! 😀 😀

Hopefully this time next year I’ll be sitting and conquering the JLPTs (Japanese language proficiency tests) at N2 level, if not N1. I will study my ass off over the next 12 months. 17-23 contact hours, plus at least 20 hours of home study each week, plus study with my friends and lastly social language clubs so my application to the Japanese govt for teaching placement and other stuff looks good.

Who needs a life when I can learn ALL the languages! :3