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Sluts are censored most places online & we are sick of it. Shadowbanned, stalked or shunned we understand SEX IS CENSORED & DYSTOPIA IS NOW. If you care about privacy, digital rights, and your sex life: Support your local Sex Workers & Privacy advocates.

Aeryn Walker's Porn

Aeryn Walker's Porn

Kinky, Nerdy & Dirty. From real queer content to femdom, JOI & BDSM fun. Watch Aeryn's fucking and fun with her friends, kinky pals & fuck buddies.

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Jolie CG: Sex Worker Problems (mostly camming-related)

Jolie CG: Sex Worker Problems (mostly camming-related)


1) Publicly-acceptable clothing is hard to find in your closet.

2) Stockings and pantyhose don’t come in packs of, say, 10.


4) Having to take your computer in to Geek Squad if you cam and your computer dies. Even the THOUGHT of this happening fills you with dread. Dude, they’ll see all my porn for free.

5) “How will this look on cam?”

6) Razor burn.

7) Having a rotation of post offices you go to for mailing items, because you don’t want to be in the same one every other day and possibly have to come up with a backstory of exactly WHY you’re in there every other day.

8) The realization that you haven’t actually worn pants in a looooooong time.

9) Relationships.

10) Fake eyelashes EVERYWHERE.

11) Coming up with an alter-ego.

12) Maintaining said alter-ego.

13) “No, I will not [do XYZ] for free.”

14) Dick pics.

15) Figuring out the specs for the new laptop you want. “So what was it you wanted this computer for?” “…….gaming.”

16) When you look like Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, your makeup is juuuuuuuuuust right.

17) Going out in public on days off, because you KNOW someone is going to at least partially recognize you and make a stink of it.

18) Slow internet.

19) Clients getting erotomanic and thinking you love them insanely.

20) “I just want to get to know you.”

21) “You’re too XYZ to be doing this.”

22) “That’s a fetish.”

23) “I should really film this.”

24) You could be accused of improvising weaponry in the event of a break-in because of all the whips and stuff in your arsenal of sex toys.

25) Pet hair.

26) Finding a niche to market yourself.

27) Unexpected weird clothing lines on your skin.

28) You work in the sex industry, so obviously you’ll fuck anyone with a pulse, right bb? BUT I’M SPECIAL, YOU’LL DO IT FOR ME RIGHT?

29) Becoming a hermit.

30) Weird sleeping patterns.

31) Uploading a clip and it freezes with 9 seconds left of the upload.

32) Extremely elaborate clip requests that the client only wants to pay the minimum rate for instead of your custom rate.

33) Paypal.

34) Guys who try to Skype you for free.

35) Breakouts from all the heavy makeup.

36) Anti-sex-worker EVERYTHING in the vanilla world.

37) Forgetting your real name.

38) “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done/seen?”

39) Nothing is strange to you anymore. A guy could tell you he wants to be humiliated for having a tiny peen whilst wearing a spangly purple tutu and rainbow socks while you wear a parka and you’d think nothing of it.

40) Getting tired of your stage name.

41) People who say “ew” when you tell them what you do.

42) Wanting to change your appearance, and worrying over whether or not it will clash with your work persona.

43) People tipping odd amounts.

44) Sunlight fucking with your lighting (I need blackout curtains)

45) Filing taxes as an independent contractor.

46) Glitter.

47) Having extremely strong opinions on skincare products.

48) Trying to find a gym or workout routine that works with the hours you’re awake

49) Getting ‘in the zone’.

50) Depositing checks with names the bank tellers don’t recognize.

51) Being so in tune with your body you can tell when you’re about to get your period. Sometimes you can time it down to the hour.

52) Burnout.

53) Baby oil (mostly if you’re a dancer)

54) Finding a phone app that blocks your real number from being revealed if you sell your phone number.

55) When silicone touches silicone and suddenly you have a melted dildo.

56) Your daily list of tasks to do is as long as your arm, easily.

57) Your daily list of tasks to do includes filming most of the aformentioned tasks.

58) Moving.

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