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Larp Weekend Complete! Win all the things via dumb luck!

Last weekends LARP was heaps of fun, it was my first larp weekend. We left on Friday after I’d stayed up for hours the night before finishing off my winter cloak which I made out of some fabric and a duvet, because it was so cold! The place was nice, it was held at a scout camp which I’d been to another section of before.

I have some pretty debilitating social anxiety (I leave the house maybe twice a month and I don’t talk to people nearly ever. I’m a molerat hermit, I like it inside where it’s quiet, dark, warm and there is a computer!), and so was pretty nervous about rp on Friday. I was even too nervous to admit when asked if anyone hadn’t done combat safety training before and needed it that my friend literally pushed me all the way to the front of the group and said “She does!”. I promptly tried to melt into the ground but it didn’t work. I feel silly holding a sword, but it did make me less nervous. Luckily I didn’t have to use one over the weekend, I had spell packets instead :3

We all hung out in the tavern area Friday night when the game started and I got into the hang of it pretty quickly. I didn’t really speak to many people and honestly just got drunk until a woman came up to rp with me and we hit it off right away. She was really nice, clearly shy like myself and she had a quiet voice and kind face. It turns out she was the only other alchemist there besides me so I hung out with her for most of the weekend aside from when she was helping out NPC.

I played an Elvish mage, with a few magey powers (bolt, whee!) and some knowledge’s like alchemy and languages. I actually got to solve some puzzles while I was there and was able to  actual solve them, not just say ‘hey gm I have x skill’. Old elvish and Golbish- soon I will know you! Learned a little bit about how to decode languages (I’m unsure of the term for this) as I had the help of a gentleman who seemed to know quite a bit about it. Swift work between the two of us! ^_^ I managed to make 2 healing draughts also and collect some herbs. The ONLY vendor charged so much for them, so hopefully I can undercut the vendor when I arrive next time 😀

Lots of little politics stuff going on mostly. Unfortunately the GMs had 18 NPCs, which dropped to only 4 for the actual weekend over night so there was no notice to recruit more, eep! That of course made it super difficult for them to do much, and I think to say they where stressed was an understatement. Brand new home brew larp and that happens, blah. Enough to drive anyone loopy. It was still really fun though. There where a few planned things that still happened and TBH it was so freaking cold I didn’t mind staying in the tavern and solving puzzles!

I did end up winning a mage evocation contest out of sheer dumb luck as one of the others slurred his casting, and he was the one who knocked me out of the ring. I won a magic focus thingy which is nice. It’s what I have to drop if disarmed, so having 2 will be handy as I only have to drop one. A few other uses also, and if I don’t use it it’s worth 3GP. For the whole weekend I only managed to hit 2 targets with my spells. I’m the worst aim T.T It was pretty funny though!!

Everyone was much nicer than I thought. Everyone was polite to me, no one mentioned my anxiety issues (periodic stuttering, shaky hands, eye twitch) at all. A few people seemed surprised that ‘someone like me’ (what does that even mean?? I’m a normal person!!) would have those kinds of problems. That was a bit awkward but they let it go and yeah, easy 🙂 I guess I just looked like a bumbling academic mage, haha ^_^
There is another game coming up soon and I’m not sure how I’m going to use my XP. I can’t do alchemy, spellcraft or linguistics at the same time, past level 3 I need to join a guild and they are all mutually exclusive so I’m going to have to decide what I want to do. Got an invite to the Mages Guild for when I meet the reqs though so that’s nice. More reading through the rules needed I think so I can make the best choice before the next game.
I’m not sure there are any pics of me from the weekend. I didn’t take any myself, I jst wanted to focus on rp so I didn’t freak myself out. If any pop up I’ll ask the other players if I can share them! 😀

TLDR: First fantasy larp was super awesome whee things

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