Looking for a book.

I read a book what would have been at least 10 years ago I estimate, and I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called. I want to find it for some research. Wondering if those who like fantasy, sci fi and bdsm might know what it is from the small things I can remember.

Trigger warnings: Rape, torture, domestic abuse, misogyny, ableism, racism, genocide- lots of other stuff. 

Ok, so what I remember of the books:

  • Set in what seems like the European dark ages.
  • Contains blood magic and ritual- I think they may worship an evil god.
  • When people come of age they are publicly raped and tortured in public forum, or in town square.
  • It is customary to rape and abuse your own spouse (male or female) in public so that the bad guys (might have been evil priests, or guards working for them) didn’t do it worse. This was in the main plotline, from the perspective of a man who does whatever the sacrament is to his wife so she doesn’t get murdered.
  • The abuse is policed, and mandatory.
  • There is slavery.
  • Something distinctive about the robes people wear
  • Flogging is the most common torture, but there is other blood letting stuff.

    It was a published book, and was not read online. It was not a restricted or RC book. Thats all I remember.

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