EDIT: Please don’t post me on pro-anna or ‘thinspo’ blogs. This is HUGELY concerning for me. I am NOT a skinny girl. I am NOT pro anna. I am NOT a fan of thin-is-in and I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT BEING ANY SORT OF THINSPIRATION.

Im a size 12-14 Australian. My measurements are 39’ 32’ 28’ and I weight 62kg. I am also VISIBLY WEARING CORSETRY. I am not skinny and I am not anna. I have super fat thighs, a huge ass, a lil belly despite my waist/hip ratio. AND I LOVE IT. I hope you love my body type- I love it too. But my body type isn’t something you can get via starvation and ignorance. It’s also not an anna body, so Im really confused as to why it’s being reblogged as such. It’s something you get via genetics (huge hips and bust), by eating low carb and doing a small amount of exercise. (And even then its no where near an anna ideal, my thighs are massive in a good way! It;’s feminine and sexy!)

I am someone who has dealt with both anorexia/bulimia (I once was down to 48kg and almost DIED- It was one of the worst times of my life)- to being someone who was overweight last year at almost 71kg I am offended and disheartened to have been reblogged by pro anna or ‘thin is in’ mentality folks. As such, I’m reposting this to everyone who looks pro anna and who seems to idolize and glamorize poor health and mental illness basing around it.

I’m glad you all find me attractive but seriously, I am quite sad. I hope you all find it in yourselves to love your own bodies and just be healthy– what ever that means for your natural body type. <3