I’m playing in an oWoD Hunter: The Vigil game starting this Wednesday, after I do some shooting for the website. I am SO EXCITED!! It’s been ages since I’ve payed any tabletop  rp games, and I have actually never played hunter before. I mostly play Vampire because it’s the best and I won’t hear anything to the contrary :p

I’m going to start brainstormig a character today. We have a really good ST / GM who is really creative and a great story teller so I should make this good.

I kind of want to pick something cliche for shits and giggles, but I feel like I shouldn’t this time. Although, knowing what vamps can do I don’t want to get too attached to my hunter in case he/she dies XD

Anyway, here is the setting I was just emailed for Wednesdays game:


Southern England 1923 (Dorset)


Human civilisation is forced to confront the supernatural after publicly visible vampire attacks against soldiers and civilians during and in the aftermath of World War I. The Russian revolution went sideways and post-war Russia is under violent vampiric rule. It is unknown how many vampires are in Britain, but the emergence of their brethren in central Europe has made them bolder as vampire attacks increase and can not be censored from the public. The newly galvanised post-war MI5 internally develops Division H for the explicit monitoring and eradication of supernatural threats as their primary objective. After two months in operation a secondary objective is assigned after an encounter with a human able to discharge harmful levels of electricity: prevent the public from gaining knowledge of any non-vampiric supernatural activity to prevent mass hysteria.
You have been assigned to a small squadron operating out of Dorset. Your mission is to investigate supernatural phenomena in Dorset County, eradicate vampires, and report back to the Interior Ministry monthly and upon discovery and development of critical intelligence.

Character Creation

We’ll do mechanical character creation on the night as filling in a few dots is a lot quicker than D&D’s method. Having a back story might be nice though, here’s some things to consider:
  1. What did you do during the War?
    WWI was 1914-1918 and it was shit. The advent of tanks, bombers, and chemical warfare is for many as worrisome as the creatures of the night. No one in England is untouched by the war even if they did not directly participate.
  2. How about those Irish?
    Britain had another war to fight after WWI, a guerrilla war against the IRA from 1919 to a ceasefire in 1921. The United Kingdom is now England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Do they deserve their independence, did they go about it the wrong way, are you Irish?
  3. Women get to vote (if they own land lol)
    The Aristocracy lets go of its power slowly in England, and indeed the aftermath of Russia’s revolution has left many wondering if there are vampires currently in power in England. Women landowners were given the vote in ~1920.
  4. How do you feel about technology?
    Electricity is still relatively new and not used much in the relatively rural community of Dorset. Some of the larger estates have electricity as do some of the dwellings of the upper middle class (think professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, successful entrepreneurs). Cars have recently become more common and Jazz is on the upswing. It is the year of the world’s first domestic refrigerator and portable radio (neither available in England just yet).
  5. Combat
    Automatic weapons are highly restricted and expensive. Your squad has a single Browning M2, 12x Mk 1 Mills Grenades, 3x M1917 Enfields (reported to be next to useless against vampires), 4x Colt M1911 .45 Pistols (also just about useless against vampires), 10x wooden stakes, two ornamental but silver sabers, and a crossbow.
  6. Where are you from?
    If you didn’t fight in/actively support the war then it’s got to be Great Britain or you need to have a credible reason MI5 would trust you with Britain’s safety. If you did fight in the war have the tail end of it be for Britain/MIx.
  7. Are you happy with how much is being kept from the public?
  8. You will be operating out of Poole, Dorset.
    A moderate trade port and merchant town with a railway station and electricity in the town hall. There is worry that Vampires may attempt to enter England through this port and the surrounding coast.