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Kiss My Shiny Latex Ass: Femdom JOI Worship

My huge, round, black latex clad ass is so fucking shiny you can see the camera in it! Down on your knees and worship! I want to watch you beg and plead to touch it, imagine shining up this mini dress with your face, rubbing against my plump and juicy posterior. I’ll tell you exactly how to jerk your pathetic cock to …

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Aeryn Walker’s Latex Dressing Room SpyCam

Aeryn strips naked and changes into her tight black latex dress, struggling and squirming to get it over her voluptuous curves. A big ass and hips with large breasts compared to a small waist make for a ratio difficult to fit in latex. Trying on the garment is difficult, and she unwittingly puts on a show for the spycam inside the dressing …

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