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My year away from porn & sex work: A summary

Where did Aeryn go? Back from my Sex Work & Porn Hiatus.


I’m back. Hello! I won’t be filming full time but I will start updating the site more again. I have 3+ years worth of unedited footage that I was too mentally unwell to be able to edit and enjoy, but I’m feeling ready to jump into the …

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Aeryn Walker Nude: Milk bath photos

New art nude photos of Aeryn Walker! Wet, messy & sexy fun in my milk bath. It’s been a long tie since I’ve bad some black x white nudes taken. Apparently some models feel uncomfortable with getting their hair wet but not me. I ended up dunking my hair under water later in the shoot, although I avoided my whole head as …

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Wet Panties After Work

After a long day of work in the office I’m horny as fuck. After filming a webcam video for my fuck buddy I decide to take some photos of myself, because I’m digging this hair x makeup! I feel sexy as fuck and want to be fucked. Lucky I don’t work in a regular office because i’m not sure this outfit would …

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Aeryn’s Cosplay Porn: Mari x Asuka Lesbian fucking!

Evangelion’s Mari x Asuka Finally FUCK. Lesbian Cosplay Fantasy Porn with Aussie Geek Girls Aeryn Walker and Viola Turtledove. When Mari leaves her door open while masturbating, Asuka gets a full show. She likes what she sees and isn’t afraid to hide it. Frenemies can make the best fuck buddies, and nothing says love hate relationship like competitive, multiple orgasms.

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Aeryn Walker: Geek Strip, Tease & Spread

Strip tease, spread and smoking! How curvy do I look in my playboy push up lingerie? While waiting for my photographer to arrive I was painting up some minis for my housemates new Warmachine army in exchange for some domestic (and sexual, lol) favors! When Michelle arrived she asked if she could take some photos before we started the porn shoot because …

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Behind the Scenes: Monte’s Cunt Bling + Cuddles

After fondling and fucking super cute tattoo & body mod babe Monte Cooper, we cuddle and chill. I was sad to find out she’d already tried Hitachi’s (I wanted to introduce her aka blow her mind/clit!!) but I still just get sexy new ideas for when she visits me overseas. Monte has more cute gold cunt piercings than I’ve ever seen before. …

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Erotic Glitch Pinup Porn / Art

Uh-oh, I did a thing. I should stop listening to so many cyberpunk audio books. Or not! I’ve been working on some glitch artwork lately, using my own photos as test subjects. I’m liking the results so far, and am thinking of creating a series of erotic glitch art in hi-res (well, I *say* hi-res, but res varies obviously, I probably should …

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