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My year away from porn & sex work: A summary

Where did Aeryn go? Back from my Sex Work & Porn Hiatus.


I’m back. Hello! I won’t be filming full time but I will start updating the site more again. I have 3+ years worth of unedited footage that I was too mentally unwell to be able to edit and enjoy, but I’m feeling ready to jump into the …

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Erotic Glitch Pinup Porn / Art

Uh-oh, I did a thing. I should stop listening to so many cyberpunk audio books. Or not! I’ve been working on some glitch artwork lately, using my own photos as test subjects. I’m liking the results so far, and am thinking of creating a series of erotic glitch art in hi-res (well, I *say* hi-res, but res varies obviously, I probably should …

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Female Dominance, Bondage & Suspension With Satomi & Ambrosia Noir

Last week was incredibly busy! 2 workshops with the renowned Satomi Zpira, who specializes in rope bdsm and femdom, and I got to help out during Mistress Ambrosia Noir’s private suspension bondage lesson! I also had some shoots, pc problems and a few funny wardrobe malfunctions, but those things I’ll talk about another time. I also finally got to meet Bliss, who …

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Watching THE FREAK AND THE SHOWGIRL with Mistress Ambrosia Noir

Last month Lady Ambrosia Noir, one of the most notorious Melbourne Dominatrixes (and one of my BFFs!) called up and invited me to go to a burlesque show with her. I’d never been to a proper burlesque show before, but I knew that as someone who had learned burlesque, she would only invite me to the best shows. It was called “Greatest …

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From Porn-Sweetheart to Sweet Sadist: My journey into BDSM

I just booked into attend my first professional dominatrix and fetish workshops, with the internationally renowned Satomi, the Tokyo Love Doll. “Bound in Femininity – Expressing your feminine dominance through rope”, and “Shibari 101, an introduction to Japanese rope bondage”. Fuck Yeah!

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to let loose and get into touch with my sinister sexual side, …

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Huge Tits Tease! Horny Housewife Selfies & Silky Soles

Was horny and got bored with domestic duties so I decided to play with my new camera cell phone. My tits look so big in this top. The buttons at the front kept gaping so I have to wear an undershirt when I go out so you can’t see my cleavage through the button holes! The people who design business shirts for …

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Ms. Aeryn Walker seduced by deviant school girl Miley White

Here are some preview photos from the latest photo and video set in my members only area  “Schoolgirl Seduction”. Deviant school girl Miley seduces me, the reluctant teacher Ms. Walker! The luscious Miss Miley White confessed to me while discussing filming that she had always had a fantasy of seducing one of her teachers at school. Of course that is something I …

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