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Mistress Penelope & Aeryn Walker: Femdom Doubles!

This Thursday I’m delighted to announce I’ll be hosting the wicked and wonderful Mistress Penelope Dreadful in Melbourne for the last time before she heads overseas. Thursday – Tuesday!

During my last trip to Sydney (which I’ll be posting about shortly), the two of us got up to lots of fillming fun and mischief- and intend to do …

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Glamorous Revenge: The “In your face” pics to send to your Ex.

This was one of my first self portraits with my new camera when I was about 21. Broke up with my asshole boyfriend who mistakenly thought I’d be a pushover, and that if he used PUA/Negging techniques on me for long enough I’d cave in and be his maid/sextoy/dressup doll. As stupid as he was wrong- VERY! After kicking his ass to …

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Flashback Friday: Corset selfie

Cold Sunday- A Self Portrait. I took this picture in my living room, sitting on the windowsill. I was all dressed up to go out dancing for the night but weather got in the way of the open air event and it got cancelled. C’est la vie! Time well spent, as I ended up with a collection of these photos. The corset …

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From Porn-Sweetheart to Sweet Sadist: My journey into BDSM

I just booked into attend my first professional dominatrix and fetish workshops, with the internationally renowned Satomi, the Tokyo Love Doll. “Bound in Femininity – Expressing your feminine dominance through rope”, and “Shibari 101, an introduction to Japanese rope bondage”. Fuck Yeah!

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to let loose and get into touch with my sinister sexual side, …

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Succulent Succubus- An interview with Miss Quinn

Out of the Archives for a fresh comparison! I found this old interview that I did back in 2010 of one of my favorite models. She is now an amazing erotic and fetish model, and I’m going to interview her fresh and show off some of her new pics. Thought I’d put this up for comparrison because holy fuck, sexy transformation! …

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