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OzKinkFest Schedule 2018 – Kinky Escorts, Double Domination, Public humiliation opportunities, & BDSM filming slaves wanted

Aeryn is ready for OzKinkFest 2018. Offering new services as both a top and a submissive since discovering her switch tendencies, there is a lot going on this September. Double Domination sessions with some of Aeryn’s favorite Kinky friends & colleagues including Mistress Penelope Dreadful, Master Jaiden, Mistress Lillith, Mistress Ambrosia, and more.  There are also positions available for filming slaves and …

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Pandora’s Discipline Academy

Ethical kink porn producer and total babe (Yes, I’m super biased but it’s true!) is back in business at Dreams of Spanking after kicking butt against the UK’s sexist censors.
In old-fashioned school teacher esque classes, tight skirt, blouse, stockings and -gush- glasses, Pandora Blake is here to tell you about the punishments she administers. She gives a detailed account of …

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Kiss My Shiny Latex Ass: Femdom JOI Worship

My huge, round, black latex clad ass is so fucking shiny you can see the camera in it! Down on your knees and worship! I want to watch you beg and plead to touch it, imagine shining up this mini dress with your face, rubbing against my plump and juicy posterior. I’ll tell you exactly how to jerk your pathetic cock to …

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Femdom Employee Humiliation, I mean… Induction!

Boardroom & femdom super vixens Aeryn Walker & Penelope dreadful break in Super Evil Matriarchy INC’s very first inferior employee in the name of equality- a pathetic, testosterone driven pig. Erm, I mean, male. After it’s been given it’s new uniform, and had it’s cock bound & repossessed, this filthy, suck up disgrace says he’s ready to be a …

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New Bondage: Rebel School Tart Tied

My detention overlord Mistress Alex Vicia has no time for slutty brats. When I refuse to sit still and think about my behavior, I’m made too. Bound to my desk, irritated and squirming, I flirt and attempt to seduce her by pulling down my panties. Ms Alex Vicia won’t have a bar of my tartiness and ties down my hands too as …

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Early Femdom Vibes: Aeryn’s Tight Laced PVC Corset

A photo of my favorite pvc corset! The PVC ‘Spanish Harlot’ from Gallery Serpentine. I was a vampy little teenager; a trait that has only grown. (As has my love for corsets!) I think I look particularly good in shiny, wetlook type fabrics as they cling to my curves and accentuate them to sway beyond the point of flaunting. If you’ve got …

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Housewife Bondage Fantasy

» Watch My Ballgagged & Bondage Orgasms «

Every housewife has fantasies, and every control freak needs a break! Wearing my favorite lingerie, silken dressing robe and stockings with my hair freshly curled, I am trapped. Tied tightly by Mistress Alex Vicia, I struggle against my bonds. Rope is tight against my wrist and ankles binding me to my chair, …

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