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My year away from porn & sex work: A summary

Where did Aeryn go? Back from my Sex Work & Porn Hiatus.


I’m back. Hello! I won’t be filming full time but I will start updating the site more again. I have 3+ years worth of unedited footage that I was too mentally unwell to be able to edit and enjoy, but I’m feeling ready to jump into the …

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Wet Panties After Work

After a long day of work in the office I’m horny as fuck. After filming a webcam video for my fuck buddy I decide to take some photos of myself, because I’m digging this hair x makeup! I feel sexy as fuck and want to be fucked. Lucky I don’t work in a regular office because i’m not sure this outfit would …

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Aeryn Walker’s upskirts, candid cunt selfies & ass

125 New photos for my members! Candid shots of cunts, crassness & conventions! Bathroom tits & ass selfies I took to send my friend, showing off my new lingerie, as well as some snaps from my game nights. Found a shot from my day of breaking Miley White’s fisting virginity also. Her expression is priceless! She looks skeptical that it will fit …

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