My fav: a character called Thea for an old world of darkness MU* / MUD (text based game). It was a leveless, classless, application only, roleplay enforced game which was great. Most of the code seemed to be custom, and it was pretty small and tight knit. She was a mortal who was a bit of a junkie and roamed around New Orleans trying to sex everything alive, or at least that looked alive. She became an unknowing ghoul, only finding out what that was after getting caught between the crossfire or some unpleasant folks. I think I played her and a brothel running Toreador for almost 5 years!! I would play as soon as I got home from school every day and all weekends. Sometimes when I was getting picked on at school I’d hide under my desk so it looked like I’d gone in the mornings and then play all day.

I’m actually going to visit the guy who helped me with character creation the first time I played all the way in Sweden in July! We roleplayed regularly and chatted online for almost 10 years now, it’s going to be amazing. Sadly that game has closed down now but a nWoD one has opened by one of the old players / STs so I just made a character for that and she should be very, very fun indeed!! I hope she gets approved! If she does this is who I’ll be playing:


Vivian Collins: A paranoid and power hungry librarian in her early 30s. Demon touched but not known to the Lucifuge. She has no idea about her own powers and possibilities, but knows there is power to be had somehow after a series of visits by demons during the night, warning her of the Lucifuge and other creatures of the night. She is opportunistic, independent, inquisitive, paranoid, scheming and rather amoral. She is an Assistant University Archivist at the local university.

At her first year of university she met a demon. It spoke to her while she slept for over two years, telling her of her demon-touched blood and to be wary of people who would seek to harm her because of it. It told her many, many things but nothing in real detail. This made her start to loose her sanity, and become very paranoid. One night it showed itself to her. It said it felt a duty to protect her because of her heritage, and that it could teach and show her things she would need to protect herself- for a price, although it never said what that price would be. Just that she should think on what her life and her families life was worth and that she should pay attention to the world around her. She is waiting eagerly for it to return, and waiting to hear what that bargain might be and what power it could bring. She is researching mysterious events and looking more deeply into the occult and would pursue any leads at all which might lead her to more knowledge. Having heard tales of all matter of dark creatures she is interested in the powers the fae might have to offer and is actively attempting to seek them out. She is searching for hunters to study so she will know if they are truly a threat and if she really might need to deal with a demon.

Basically I wanted an excuse to be able to summon demons and bully other PCs into showing me how to get through the hedge so I can make deals with the fae (I hear they like babies…) and demons. Lotsa scarry shit out there, gotta find a way as a human to stay in the game :p

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed


intelligence ****
resolve **

strength **
dexterity **
stamina **

manipulation **
composure ****

Size: 5
Defense: 2
Health: 7
Initiative: 6
Morality: 7
Speed: 9
Willpower: 6

Resources *** (46k yearly salary)
Contacts *** (university and academic network)
Fleet of Foot *
Aikido ** (Purchased 6 XP)

Derangement: Paranoia


Academics **** /research/
Computer ***
Investigation ***

Empathy ** /motives/
Intimidation *
Socialize *
Subterfuge *** /recognising lies/

larceny *
stealth ***
Brawl ** /throw opponents/ (Purchased 9 XP & 5xp)


Gonna be chatting about it here and on the FreeOnes board HERE. Who are you playing (or writing) right now, and who was your favorite character you played or wrote?