Aeryn Walker’s been chatting with Siouxsie Q & Sam Solo for The Whorecast’s Winter is Coming: On Your Face, episode “Cersei Pays Her Debts, Snowgaryen Reveal and More!”

Spoilers: This podcast & article contain them!  Briefly discussing reactions to the finale of Game of Thrones season 6. Specifically, the scene at the Tower of Joy and the revelation of John Snow as not the son of Ned Stark, but the child of Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark.

I’ve accepted since I’d read the books that as canon Jon was the love child of Stark & Targaryen. My friends are taking a lot about how that makes Sansa and Jon cousins, leaving them free to marry. I don’t know how I feel about that though, so I’m not thinking about it as best I can. Super curious about how things go between Dan & Jon should they ever find out they are related!

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