One of my favorite women’s pleasure centric solo & girl love sites Yanks is proud to have formed a partnership with Call to Safety, an Oregon based non-profit that works to ensure that everyone has a life free of domestic and sexual violence. $1 of every new Yanks sale will go to Call to Safety. Prices have not been raised for this initiative. It’s hard to find any not-for-profits which will accept funds from adult organisations, publicly or not. Often charities put their whorephobia and other prejudices before the needs of the people they work for.  Supporting sex workers and porn performers as a business, and supporting women & charities that support them aren’t mutually exclusive.

Women of all kinds, who work in all industries can be victims of domestic violence & sexual assault. Sex workers, porn performers, directors and editors can all be victims of abuse. So too can we help others, supporting those in need. And so we should.

This partnership is wonderful, and I’d love to see more adult industry organizations give back to the community!




From the Yanks Team:


The Yanks Team and our models believe it to be a moral imperative that every business gives back to the communities that support it. For us, one of those communities is obvious: women.

Why Are We Involved and Why Now?

Without Billie, our photographers and of course our beautiful, strong and open-minded Yanks Girls none of this would be possible. We are now proud to be working with Call to Safety and in doing so, we make Yanks a more holistic and positive force in the online adult ecosystem. So many members of the Yanks Team were raised by single mothers and a handful grew up in homes where emotional and sometimes physical violence was simply a part of life. Anyone who has ever lived with abuse has had the experience of wishing someone, anyone could give help and hope.

Why This Means So Much To Us Personally
Call to Safety can be that helping hand for others: women, men and children. That is why this is important to us and why we want to use what we have built here at Yanks and its community to make a difference. Please help us in this mission and support or continue to support this site and in turn this effort.

You can read more about the great work Call For Safety do at their website.

Yanks is 100% Female produced. It’s run by a woman called Billie, who started in 2002 in response to faux pleasure porn which often upheld unrealistic sex.  “I felt put off by everything that I saw on the web which was fake, fake, fake. I was sick of high profile pornstars in high heels, red lipstick and fishnets moaning as soon as they even flicked their nipple.” She writes.

Since then the site has been doing it’s thing, hiring, filming and collaborating with women from all over the world.

Myself and many of my friends & fellow Aussie’s in the porn & sex industries have modeled for Yanks. I’ve included some of my favorite pics, including some of myself, Zahra Stardust, Summer Knight, Pandora Blake & Amy Ling. Enjoy our awesome pics & hard work, support our careers, and help support an awesome cause all at once!


$1 of every new Yanks sale will go to Call to Safety.
Click here to join Yanks, and help raise money for Call to Safety.

$1 of every new Yanks sale will go to Call to Safety.
Click here to join Yanks, and help raise money for Call to Safety.