Question: Do I go to the gym?


You have a great body!  How often do you get to the gym?  Do you follow a strict diet?  Do you ever eat any fast or junk food?

I don’t go the gym ever! However I do work as an exotic dancer and can spend quite a few hours on my feet dancing or doing physical work; I also walk a lot.

At the moment I’m watching my carbohydrate intake. I lowered it very significantly over the last 3 months; however I still indulge. I recommend lowering carbs for anyone wishing to loose weight or just be a bit more healthy. If interested I have a few good resources I can link you.

Depends what you define as junk food. Sometimes I have cookies, cola or potato chip/wedges. Sometimes chocolate. Not so often any more. My diet is high in animal fats and oils, I try to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every day.

Aeryn Walker on formspring 😉

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