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Prostitute, Whore, Hooker, Ho: Sex Work Terminology

Why is the term used for sex work important? Is it just semantics, and if so, why care? Is the term Sex Work political correctness, or trying to put a legitimate looking label on abuse and pimping? When it comes to sex work, the most important people to ask about it are sex workers. When […]

Performer-Centred Pornography as Sex Workers’ Rights – Developing Labour Standards in a Criminal Context

Performer-Centred Pornography as Sex Workers’ Rights: Developing Labour Standards in a Criminal Context.   Aeryn Walker (me!) has been included in Zahra Stardust‘s recent insights from her Ph.D on labour standards in porn, recently shared with The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) . NSWP Research for Sex Work Issue 15 on Resistance and Resilience features a journal […]

Sex Work in Pop Culture TV – Vixen Hour Podcast

On this episode of The Vixen Hour radio, Christian Vega & I discuss the portrayal of sex work in science fiction and fantasy.  The focus on the TV shows Firefly, Deadwood and Game of Thrones. As a lover of television series and fantasy, enjoying shows which represent sex workers can be often really difficult. We discuss […]

Sex Work, OnLine Activism and Self Care (from SWOP Resources:)

I know I’m not the only sex worker right now suffering massive burn out over the NSW Government wanting to change decriminalization laws, and Amnesty making the awesome choice to put it’s opinions on decriminalization and sex work into official policy. With public policy locally and internationally changing around us, effecting our lives and livelihoods, […]

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