Aeryn Walker Escort

BBW, GFE Escort Melbourne, Sydney, Online.

If you are looking for quick-witted conversation over a drink and laugh, a fun and frivolous romp, or a discrete, personal roleplay then look no further. I provide a discrete, upbeat, passionate, and playful girlfriend experience. I enjoy intellectual debates and like minds who prefer laughs, and the realities of sex over pomp, pretentiousness and faux pleasure porno culture. Sex is fun, even during bdsm, and more strict and serious theme roleplay. I don’t offer sexual oil changes. I offer fun sexual play and intimacy exchanges!

I am an all natural, curvy & kinky woman, born and raised in Australia. Physically, I was gifted with natural curves- big hips, bottom and bust (34G). For the foot and leg lovers among you I have very delicate ankles, and cute curled toes which are very ticklish! A geek at heart, I love roleplaying, costumes, kink & queer fun in many forms.

Planning Our Time Together

Let me know before we start how you would like to enjoy your time with me, to make sure we have time and I’m available to do the things you would like. If there is something you are interested in (especially if it’s regarding roleplay, clothing or BDSM), please let me know and we can discuss. Some things require more preparation than others, and may not be available without notice.

Before I arrive, please be sure that you are ready for me, being freshly and properly groomed and showered. If you don’t shave thats fine. I love body hair, however, no one likes stubble rash, especially in intimate places.

Aeryn’s Inclusions & Exclusions

Aeryn and other sex workers in Australia are not allowed to discuss what services they enjoy or offer. In saying that I enjoy most things. I’m fun and easy going. I’m a light switch and a little bit of a sadist but in a fun way! A good hint about what I do and don’t like is in the porn I make and feature in, and the things I talk about on social media.

Inclusions & Interests

  • All folks are welcome!
  • Ambulatory and persons with a disability are welcome.
  • Ages – All ages over 18 are welcome.
  • Experienced & Inexperienced Patrons are both welcome.
  • LGBTQI Friendly, including those questioning.
  • Couples welcome (I’m not a birthday surprise! Consensual, informed couples only)
  • Kink can be heaps of fun – I’m learning to top & would love to learn and practice on you.
  • Safe Sex – Always

Exclusions & Hard Limits

Aeryn’s limits are as follows. These are non-negotiable. Please do not ask for these services as refusal may offend!

  • Any illegal activity
  • Anal on me
  • Any physical harm to my body which leaves permanent marks
  • Bareback/Natural/Unprotected/Unsafe Oral, Vaginal or Anal Sex
  • BBBJ CIM/CIH/COH/ · No Cum Play or Bare Back Blowjobs – It’s not safe.
  • Menstruation Play
  • Disrespect, degradation or humiliation
  • Deepthroat BJ performed on you
  • Double Penetration on me
  • Rough Play on me (I’m happy to be rough with YOU however!)
  • Fisting on me
  • Golden Showers on me
  • Medical Play or Blood Play
  • PSE · Porn Star Experience
  • Rape Fantasy/Simulation
  • Restraints or Bondage on me
  • Rimming/Analingus/DATO
  • Spitting on me
  • Weapons, not limited to knives, chains, etc.
  • 420/420 FriendlyOther Substance Intoxication


1 Hour  – $450 AUD

2 Hours – $800 AUD

4 Hours – $1000

Additional Hours – $300

Full Day or Night, 12 Hours – $3500

Couples –  No extra charge! Let’s play together.

Photos/Filming –  $500 (in addition to booking rate)

I do offer to film as an extra service with an additional fee. This includes unlimited filming and photos on your own device. Uploading, sharing, distributing or selling isn’t allowed, any footage is for your own personal use only. For professional video usage please inquire.

Deposit – $100
Required to secure bookings. NO deposit, NO booking.
This is non-refundable.  Bookings can be postponed with 24 hours notice.

This deposit policy is for Aeryn’s safety, security & peace of mind. My Clients asking for access to her private location, as well as to her body and time. This policy deters time wasters and keeps individuals accountable and traceable in some way if something goes wrong.

For every booking Aeryn puts in time and effort. No shows and last minute cancellation are a waste of time, resources and potential alternative income, and will likely put Aeryn in a bad mood for other clients and effect her trust of any future new clients.

If you are earnest about making a booking with me then you will be paying a donation for her time anyway, the deposit is simply a way to ensure she knows you are serious and will show up.

If you do not feel comfortable making a deposit with an escort you have not met before, while understandable, Aeryn’s safety and security come first. This policy is non-negotiable.

Cancellations & Terms

Cancellation Policy
Sometimes life happens and bookings may need to be rescheduled by a client. Bookings can be postponed with 24 hours notice. When a booking is postponed within the acceptable time frame, I can retain your deposit to use towards your next booking with me. Your next booking must be made within 6 months or the deposit is forfeit, meaning it will not be returned.


If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late please advise via TEXT, PHONE or EMAIL.

If you are late Aeryn may not be able to see you for the entire time you have booked for, and may not be able to stay back later to accommodate you. If we have to cancel because you are significantly late, your booking deposit will be used as a cancellation fee to cover Aeryn’s time and costs, and cannot be used to reschedule your visit.

Security & Screening

Aeryn will request a copy of your current Government issued identification. (Australian Drivers License or a Passport). Selfies with ID are acceptable as long as the ID is clear and visible.

Photo ID is asked for to ensure Aeryn’s safety, as sex workers are at greater risk of exploitation, theft, stalking, abuse, and violence. Aeryn is a respectable, well-known person with a large public social media following, and has nothing to gain via exploitation of your personal details. She does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, or appearance.

All client information is kept strictly confidential, only Aeryn and her security personnel will have access to it. However, if Aeryn fails to make contact with her security personnel after the encounter, the details will be handed over to law enforcement for her safety.

Clients who refuse to supply a copy of their ID will not be seen. If upon meeting a client in real life and they do not resemble the ID they have provided in any way, Aeryn will terminate the booking, retain the deposit and you will be blacklisted.

Payment Information

Deposits must be made via Electronic Bank Transfer and can take 2-3 working days to clear. You will be notified once your payment has cleared.
Alternate deposit method available.

Booking Balance
This can be paid in advance via Account Transfer, same as the Deposit.
Alternatively, this can be paid in Cash on the day of the booking.

Payment Details

Booking Reference: Your Email Address
BSB & Account Number: Please confirm booking for details

Request To Book Aeryn

Please email Aeryn the following to aerynwalkerATprotonmailDOTCOM.

  • Your information & ID
  • Requested Date, Time, Length of Booking
  • Anything fun you may want to et up to specifically
  • Location

You will then receive a reply to:

  • Discuss Date, Time, Length of Booking, and any relevant information
  • Request Photo ID for screening
  • Send Deposit Payment Information

Once your ID has been screened and payment has been received Aeryn will confirm your booking.