Meeting Master x Mistress Jaiden Lillith

I finally met my kink crush, Jaiden Lillith. Super cute, super hot, genderfluid pro switch from Sydney. They write hot & kinky BDSM and sex erotica, work professionally for themselves and at Temple22 as a prodomme and shibari babe, and are generally just fabulous. I heard they were coming down to play with their industrial […]

Aeryn’s Wet, Worn, Pornstar Panties & Fetish Goodies

Aeryn Walker’s knickers: It’s your lucky day Pantie Perverts!  You have the opportunity to indulge your vices, sample my alluring and divine scent! Click here. I have put up a pair of freshly worn, pungent and sweet panties from my personal, private daily collection on my ManyVids store for you to enjoy. Panties will be […]

What’s the difference: Cosplay vs Parody Porn

To me there is a big difference between Cosplay Porn and Paradoy Porn, and yes, it’s an important one. Cosplay / Fan / Fantasy Porn: By Nerds/Fans/Cosplayers /for Nerds/Fans/Cosplayers.  Emphasis o Fandom and not Parody. Parody porn: Emphasis on Parody and not Fandom. By Big$$$-Mainstream-USA-Porn-Industry. Generally made for for Dudes. Maybe geeky, but maybe not. Mainstream […]

Why Feminist, and not Humanist/ Equalist?

Dermatologists, like feminists, are specialists in a field. They focus on one part of their field. In this case, medicine relating to skin, and social justice focused on women. This narrowed focus doesn’t make teir areas of expertise or focus invalid, or uncaring towards other related topics. In fact, generally it’s the opposite! Both groups in this […]

Pandora’s Discipline Academy

Ethical kink porn producer and total babe (Yes, I’m super biased but it’s true!) is back in business at Dreams of Spanking after kicking butt against the UK’s sexist censors. In old-fashioned school teacher esque classes, tight skirt, blouse, stockings and -gush- glasses, Pandora Blake is here to tell you about the punishments she administers. […]

Prostitute, Whore, Hooker, Ho: Sex Work Terminology

Why is the term used for sex work important? Is it just semantics, and if so, why care? Is the term Sex Work political correctness, or trying to put a legitimate looking label on abuse and pimping? When it comes to sex work, the most important people to ask about it are sex workers. When […]

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