W4W- CIS Women seeking Female Dominatrix & Sex Workers

In this post we are talking about CIS women who are would-be-clients, who wish to see CIS women for sexual or non sexual fetish kink services. Seeking intimacy is tough for anyone, but especially so for women.  Most women I know are used to being judged. We have been judged if we dare partake in sex,…

Aeryn Walker Featured in Youporn Female Director Series

  Watch the video at the bottom of this post. I was invited to take part in YouPorn’s Female Director Series! For International Womens day 2016, Mindgeek decided to make a series & category on one of it’s sites, YouPorn, to celebrate female directors. It featured interviews with directors and performers, alongside clips and porn sets…

Femdom Porn Behind w. Scenes Interview with Aeryn Walker

» Watch My After Porn Interview « Behind the scenes discussing femdom, filming, fetishism and request taking in feminist porn. I love filming requests. Filming custom femdom clip requests is fucking hot! This bonus update to my site is a candid chat about some upcoming guy/girl femdom & fucking clips, roleplay requests, and more. Shot by the…

High Fantasy Fucking: After Porn Interview

Have you checked out my you-tube channel yet? After Porn Interview is now up on YouTube! Sharing sexy details of my public porn shoot Miley Whitein my fantasy, medieval inspired elvish outfit! Fishermen, motorbikes and nearly falling into rivers, Oh my! Full photo/video sets shot are now live on my site 🙂   High Fantasy,…

Succulent Succubus- An interview with Miss Quinn

Out of the Archives for a fresh comparison! I found this old interview that I did back in 2010 of one of my favorite models. She is now an amazing erotic and fetish model, and I’m going to interview her fresh and show off some of her new pics. Thought I’d put this up for comparrison because holy fuck, sexy transformation! This girl’s career progress is amazing and her new photos make me jealous, and wet!

Age: 21
Height: 5’1
Orientation: Pansexual
Favorite Series: Cowboy Bebop
Favorite Movie: The Labyrinth
Nerdy Pleasure: Silent Hill games, cosplaying, anything Venture Bros or Darkstalkers related and Mah Jongg.
Fetish: Demons, un-natural skin colours, pink hair.
I’m a 21 year old cosplayer. I started cosplaying in eighth or ninth grade, then took a very long hiatus because I wasn’t able to afford the kind of costumes I wanted to do without a job. Modeling has always been an interest to me, and I’m particularly a fan of Pin Up and Fetish modeling, and just nudes in general, because I grew up loving art and finding the beauty in the female body. So when I was approached about doing the website, I thought ‘Well here’s my way to not only get to model a bit, but it’s a way back into cosplaying.’

Meet Aeryn Walker, the feminist Aussie porn star in Game of Thrones

Check out my interview with News.com.au about getting on Game of Thrones & my Feminist Porn. Not overly pleased by the use of feminist in quotation marks, as it feels very pearl clutching “but can women who do *whispers* the… sex really be feminists???” Apart from that and a bit of sarcasm by the interviewer, it’s…