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Whorecast: Aeryn talks Game of Thrones & sex work

We of course talked about Game of Thrones.  The Whorecast team has it’s own Game of Thrones themed podcast called Winter is Coming: On Your Face, which yuo shoudl check out. Bless all the puns & jokes. We talked about how I got booked / cast in the show, how HBO treated me through out […]

Performer-Centred Pornography as Sex Workers’ Rights – Developing Labour Standards in a Criminal Context

Performer-Centred Pornography as Sex Workers’ Rights: Developing Labour Standards in a Criminal Context.   Aeryn Walker (me!) has been included in Zahra Stardust‘s recent insights from her Ph.D on labour standards in porn, recently shared with The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) . NSWP Research for Sex Work Issue 15 on Resistance and Resilience features a journal […]

Sex & Self Discovery Struggles

I attended my first ever play party. Sex, nudity, kink, and all the things you’d expect from a sexual play event that someone like me would attend. Except that it wasn’t what I expected, at all. It wasn’t what I was prepared for. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I freaked out, let […]

Too many bags of dicks: Moving House as a Porn star

Moving house always sucks; but when you are a self employed sex worker, porn star, cam girl or dominatrix moving & packing can get extra messy! I have too many sex toys, shoes, costumes, bondage items & camera gear; let alone my geeky hoarding problem collection. Storing, sorting, privacy & safety. The thought of inappropriately perverted […]

Rape, Violence & SexWorkers: The Classy and Deadly Humour (Discrimination) Trifecta!

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Violence. Retired porn star gets beaten half to death by her MMA Pro Fighting Ex. Clearly the perfect time for this pearl: Classic, right? Totally hilarious! The above picture, and below, are comments on an MMA site news story about retired porn star Christy Mack issuing a full statement and posting […]

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