Stockings & Lingerie Tease

Getting glamoured up in my lingerie at my dresser. Applying lipstick, smoothing my stockings over my milky legs, sliding down my bra straps… Safe for work, just! This seductive little clip was made for a video series, to be used as a moving background on a website. I posted the others but forgot to add…

Glamorous Revenge: The “In your face” pics to send to your Ex.

This was one of my first self portraits with my new camera when I was about 21. Broke up with my asshole boyfriend who mistakenly thought I’d be a pushover, and that if he used PUA/Negging techniques on me for long enough I’d cave in and be his maid/sextoy/dressup doll. As stupid as he was…

Flashback Friday: Hellsing Cosplay Out-take Photo

An out-take from my Seras Victoria (Hellsing) nude photoset. It’s grainy but I love it! A big thank you to Elizabeth Deloria for taking these for me, she has a great eye for photography. Should I reshoot this for NaughtyNerdy? What do you want to see Seras do? » Custom Cosplay & Roleplay Video Porn «

Lesbian Foot Fetish Fun

Sweet Kiki Sucre gets me to massage, lick & suck on her beautiful feet and toes before licking her pussy till she cums! After a night out clubbing in ridiculous heels that I picked out for her (they looked so good!) her feet were super sore. Her gorgeous feet had been cramping all night so…

Aeryn is a Slutty Cyber Kitty with tail Buttplug in her Ass!

Slutty little cyber kitty, bent over and getting ready! What would you do if this perky little pet was yours to play with?   [su_slider source=”media: 22955,22954,22953,22952,22951,22950,22949,22948,22947,22946″ link=”lightbox” title=”no”][su_custom_gallery source=”media: 22955,22954,22953,22952,22951,22950,22949,22948,22947,22946″][/su_slider] Want to see the really hardcore pics?