Every saint has a past & every sinner has a future: Pornography: A Reflection


How is it that people can support or even tolerate pornography in a society that has become one that is completely starved of love? Pornography only perpetuates the objectification of the human body- something that is meant to be such a beautiful and unique thing. I have a strong appreciation for…

Firstly, you are talking about a specific type of pornography. I can tell you with absolute certainly that not all pornography is like that. Your argument also completely ignores pornography made for women or queer folk. Sexuality and sex is beautiful. You are 100% right. It being captured on film doesn’t change that.

Really it’s about who is filming it, who is in it and who they are filming for that can be and is a problem. Capturing sex and sexuality on film doesn’t make it any less beautiful, loving, erotic, pure etc- which is what pornography is, it’s a visual recording and repesentation of sexual activity and sexuality.