We didn’t end up getting waffles, it was way to hot! (Although only an hour after we got home it poured so hard the city flooded- wtf Melbourne!!) We went to a sushi train and I had prawns for the second time ever. So yummy with sesame seeds 🙂

I’m thinking of making my hosted blog more active. I’ve had many requests to post about my life. The thing is, I don’t really do very much. That doesn’t seem to stop other people who post every single thing about their horribly boring and anticlimactic lives, but it does me. Some people seem to blog about how they went to eat xyz for lunch and played a game and got mail etc like every day. It just seems a bit too… into themselves for my liking.

But if thats what people want to see and know about my life, I’ll post once a week. Just, be warned. I live a pretty boring life. I spend most of my day surfing the net, eating, sleeping and dreaming!