Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Violence.

Retired porn star gets beaten half to death by her MMA Pro Fighting Ex. Clearly the perfect time for this pearl:

Classic, right? Totally hilarious! The above picture, and below, are comments on an MMA site news story about retired porn star Christy Mack issuing a full statement and posting pictures [warning: graphic images] of her alleged savage, near death looking beating at the hands of her ex, an MMA fighter.


Gee, you don’t say that smashing in a womans face and body would ruin a career based off appearance… Funny bro.


Hilarius, Amirite? Totally a win!


On top of that, someone wants to have this discussion i the thread. Sure, why not. Apart from all the reasons. Thats right folks, doing your JOB, which your partner knows about is now cheating. Better watch out,being a dance instructor, life coach, or PT lest you have your work confused with cheating and get beaten to death!

Also, SW you should just expect your partners to cheat on you, and lie to you and have no respect for you because you have a job, k? …What a sexist, whorephobe, idiotic, piece of shit.

And then we cut right down to it:


The MMA news thread (WARNING: Graphic Images)

I’m glad to see at least a few commenter jumping in and replying to this last comment, which appears to be one of the first 10 comments posted on the article. To their credit most of the commenters are outraged and feel for Christy. But there are only 2 replies to that comment, neither of which outright say that the comment is unacceptable, and the ones I posted above haven’t been called out either.

These and other “jokes” and attitudes towards SW are dehumanizing and directly and indirectly lead to these situations happening in the first place.

MMA community: If you’re going to be mad that MMA fighters who beat and attempt to murder women make you look bad, you should also be calling out the people who support and joke about the violence at the very least: They make you look just as bad.

It’s the same, old story.

Pornstar abused by spouse, or killed on job, or pushed off a balcony. Sex worker raped, cut up and thrown into a dumpster. Sex worker raped, beaten until she is unrecognizable and then has her throat slit. What better time for this gem?


It’s not as if a real human being just had the worst experience of their lives, or possibly their live ended. Why can’t you all just chill? It’s just a joke!

It’s not like people will see it and then go out and rape or murder people!~ Cried the chorus of misogynist dudebros and whorephobes. Words don’t have meaning! They don’t impact IRL. Seriously, it’s just a joke!

Except that, you know they DO. And people DO absorb the messages they see daily that label sex workers directly, or indirectly as subhuman, or inhuman, or deserving or abuse, violence and death. People who are expendable.  We are ‘hookers’, ‘sluts’ ‘porn stars’, ‘prostitutes; and ‘hos’, not ‘people’. Literally.

Dehumanizing Others Is No “Joke” Gordon Hodson, Ph.D

“In a recent paper (Hodson, Rush, & MacInnis, 2010), we explored whether jokes are sometimes more than mere jokes. We tapped participants’ beliefs that jokes-are-just-jokes, simply designed for purposes of enjoyment, and that people need to lighten up about the social ramifications of humour. These are what we call Cavalier Humour Beliefs. Of course, sometimes jokes ARE just jokes. But for this reason, jokes can serve as cover for those wishing to express bias against an outgroup. Across multiple studies we showed that Canadians scoring higher in social dominance orientation (i.e., endorsing intergroup inequality) rated derogatory jokes against Mexicans as amusing and inoffensive as a result of passing off these jokes as “just jokes” (i.e., not meaningful or consequential). These cavalier humour beliefs not only facilitated perceptions that derogatory jokes are harmless, but subsequently elevated prejudice against the group targeted by the joke. That is, dismissing off-colour jokes as harmless and playful serves to legitimize or rationalize expressions of bias, further entrenching prejudices.”

In Australia 2 women where raped and murdered.

When Jill Meager was murdered it sparked a huge outcry, public marches, and a manhunt for her killer. Her killer was found and the 41-year-old, who has a long history of violent attacks on women, was sentenced to life for the murder, and 15 years for what the judge described as “a savage, violent rape of the worst kind”. Jill’s husband stated his wife would still be alive if the justice system had taken the serial sex offender off the streets.
Why wasn’t this man locked up, and how did he get away with so many instances of rape and violent attacks on women before he killed Jill? Because his victims where sex workers.

Bayley was first jailed in 1991 for sexual assault and served just 22 months of a five-year sentence.

In September 2000 he was jailed for a minimum of eight years for the rape of five prostitutes over a six-month period.

Mr Meagher says he is concerned the justice system treated the attacks on the sex workers differently than the attack on his wife.

“I’m aware his previous victims in previous cases before Jill were sex workers, and I’ll never be convinced that doesn’t have something to do with the lenience of his sentence.

Put it like this: if he’d raped five people like Jill that many times in that brutal a fashion, I don’t think he would have served eight years in prison.”

He says that “sends a disturbing message”.

“What it says to women is if we don’t like what you do, you won’t get justice,” he said.

“And what it says to people like Bayley is not ‘don’t rape’, but ‘be careful who you rape’.”

-ABC News

He is so right it hurts.
When Tracey Connolly met the same fate last year no one gave a shit. Until someone publicly compared the two murders, and pointed out that no one cared simply because Tracy was a sex worker who wasn’t even referenced by NAME in the media, but only by the fact she was a prostitute. Then people started to care. A few.

Identifying victims of violent crime as “prostitutes” has a distancing effect: it makes “normal” women feel safe. This good girl/bad girl binary interacts with the normal man/client binary to create “extraordinary” circumstances within which this violence can occur. Arguably, when “good” women are murdered by men, this creates a threat to all women and a woman’s place/space of work or how outside of normalized sexual activities she steps is no longer relevant.

Referring to female sex workers as “prostitutes” in the media is not new, but it is a sobering reminder of how pervasive negative understandings of sex work and sex workers are. These understandings originate from various “expert” fields of knowledge including psychology, medicine, sexology, religious doctrine and various feminist perspectives, through which sex workers are positioned as dirty, diseased, sinful, deviant and victims.

The term “prostitute” does not simply mean a person who sells her or his sexual labour (although rarely used to describe men in sex work), but brings with it layers of “knowledge” about her worth, drug status, childhood, integrity, personal hygiene and sexual health. When the media refers to a woman as a prostitute, or when such a story remains on the news cycle for only a day, it is not done in isolation, but in the context of this complex history.

-Lizzie Smith, The Conversaion: Dehumanizing sex workers: What has prostitution got to do with it?

Harassing, discriminating against, abusing, raping and even killing sex workers because they are considered subhuman isn’t uncommon, and isn’t new. From Jack the Ripper legends and penny dreadfuls to IRL, there are recorded historical precedents in nearly every country sex work is a thing. They are pretty damned common. Even the more extreme cases.

The fact that many of these murders went undiscovered for more than 20 years reveals that Ridgewood was not the only suspect out there committing these vicious killings. The police and law enforcement’s callous attitude towards sex workers, and the hateful stigma that society at large places upon this marginalized group of people, causes hundreds upon hundreds of deaths to go unpunished and undiscovered for senseless and inhumane periods of time.

-Kate Zen, Policy Mic

Much of the crime and abuse committed against SW is downplayed, ignored, dismissed or outright not noticed/cared about by society. I’d venture to say abused animals that people film on youtube get more consideration and pity from people than sex workers do.

“Jokes” are not just jokes when they help allow violence, and that applies to using offensive language and slurs such as “prostitute”, “whore”, “ho”, and “slut”. Words have meaning. Words have impact and consequences.

What happened to Christy isn’t funny. No person being beaten and nearly killed is funny. No, not even because of her job, or any other reason. She didn’t deserve it, nor was it less of a crime because she was a porn star.

Stop pretending that your “jokes” happen inside a vacuum and don’t influence the rest of us. Some of us have to live with the consequences of your actions and the society you choose to collectively build with your prejudice, and some of us have our lives ruined or ended because of it.