The reason girls in the adult industry whether they be solo girls, cam girls, or any combination of girl that posts nudes/videos online, get upset when our photos/videos are posted without credit or with our watermark removed is that this is our job. Yes, most of us WANT to do this and have fun doing it, but just because someone likes their job doesn’t mean it’s not a job. By cutting off watermarks you are incriminating yourself. You are deliberately trying to take credit from the model and give it to yourself. Everyone knows you didn’t film that scene/take that photo, so why be a douche and remove her credit? It doesn’t make the video or photo less enjoyable if people can see who the girl is. Most girls won’t mind if you post samples of her stuff if you give credit. However if you take entire sets or videos from her pay site and post them all over you’re just being a twat. I wouldn’t go into your place of work and take your tips out of your tip jar, so have some respect.